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Future Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals

In 1998, the Chicago Reporter released an in-depth analysis that brought to light the severe shortage of African American physicians in the Chicagoland area. The study revealed that while blacks make up the large majority of Chicago’s population, only 7 percent of the city’s physicians are black. According to data from AAMC Medical School Enrollment roughly 8% of applicants to medical school and 7% of enrollees are African-American while making up 13% of the U.S. population. Today, the number of African American males graduating from medical school remains behind other groups and, sadly, is declining. According to a 2013 survey, nurses from minority backgrounds represent only 19% of the registered workforce.

African-American's suffer a great disparity in health outcomes from deaths from cancer to poor control of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. The shortage of African-American physicians affects this disparity. Black physicians are more likely to serve in underserved areas and studies show that when patients have a physician or nurse of the same race, there is improved compliance and patient satisfaction.

Support for Pipeline Programs

Since it's inception, the Provident Foundation focused most of its efforts on preserving and maintaining the legacy of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams. The Foundation subsequently turned their attention to the future of medicine by focusing on future doctors, future nurses and healthcare professionals.

Initially, this was through clubs at inner-city high schools to help mentor students interested in pursuing careers in the health field. This year, The Provident Foundation funded HPREP at the University of Chicago, a high school enrichment program that encourages youth to pursue careers in medicine. Through our grant, HPREP doubled the number of participants and, for the first time, served students from high-need neighborhoods on Chicago's South Side. We are continuing to find partners with universities to help develop and fund these programs and welcome support to help us provide funds to these programs. Every $100 raised, allows an additional student to participate in HPREP.


The Foundation also used funds raised to grant scholarships to medical students and nursing students. These scholarships often provided the funds needed for critical things beyond just tuition such as books or the costs needed for the tests required to become licensed. The scholarships exist to help battle the economic barrier that can exist to pursuing these careers. To contribute towards the Foundation's scholarship fund, Click Here or become a Monthly or Yearly Donor.

The scholarship application period will open this month, we are offering up to 3 scholarships for $3000.
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