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Provident Scholar Spotlight: Eric Madu

Eric Madu is a senior at Chicago State University who will be graduating this December. He plans to attend medical school after graduation and is currently studying to take the MCAT exam this month. Eric studies molecular biology and has won several awards and presented his research across the state of Illinois and in the Philippines.

Eric was selected to be a Provident Scholar in the spring of 2016. At that time, he received a financial award in the amount of $3,000 to support his studies, and he received mentorship support, which he has seen most valuable. Since becoming a scholar, Eric has been mentored by Provident Foundation board members Dr. Jim Woodruff, Associate Dean of Students at the University of Chicago and Dr. Abdullah Pratt, medical resident at The University of Chicago. Through these relationships, Eric has had the opportunity to speak with and learn from other medical leaders at the University of Chicago, he has gained financial support to enroll in an MCAT preparation course, and he is gaining hands-on experience and exposure as a volunteer at the Emergency Room of the U of Chicago Medical Center. “These guys are looking out for me at another level to help me to achieve my dreams.”

When asked how he feels about the MCAT, he laughs, and says “It is a lot of work. I’m studying eight hours every day for it. I see it as something that has to be done.” He goes on to say “If Dr. Pratt can do it, I can do it.”

When asked where do you see yourself in ten years, Eric says “I see myself giving back to the community through medicine.” He looks to implement healthcare systems that increase healthcare access to poor individuals.

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